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We want to acknowledge the efforts made by some businesses to help spread information and awareness in ways that are invaluable. Some e-commerce sites have even donated a percentage of their earnings to help bring awareness of HIV. Take for instance this affiliate casino site that promotes slots on USA friendly sites. Folks who have utilized online casino sites for more than ten years most likely remember when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA was passed by Congress in 2006. It really affected US players. Most online casinos simply would not accept US players. All that has changed and now online casinos are actually courting US players. Apparently one of the owners of Online Casino Party has several good friends who are HIV positive. One became infected due to a blood transfusion. He donates 1% of the site’s earning to the Nevada Aids program. I am impressed that this e commerce site has made a commitment to our cause and we want to make sure they receive at least the kudos from this site. We wish to motivate other businesses to join this very worthwhile effort.

There is all sorts of misinformation and just down right ignorance about HIV even no after all these years. I sometimes fantasize that there would be many e-commerce sites that would have the appropriate products that could include some type of HIV information packet in with their packaging. For instance: a gift basket site might have a category that would celebrate HIV etc survivors with special birthday gifts celebrating their next year. The birthday gift baskets would look no different from any other except for the information packet. The balloons, bottles of wine, savory and sweet delicacies would still be arranged in a spectacular presentation, but perhaps the special HIV birthday gift baskets would have a personalized engraved, silver-plated hang tag along with the red ribbon that is the international symbol of HIV and AIDS awareness. I think it would be a nice gesture. Perhaps some e-commerce site will be inspired my fantasy. But this should not be restricted to online stores. One of the oldest Baltimore moving companies indirectly helps with the messaging by posting a notice on their storage pods. If one of the best Baltimore movers can do this, no business should be avoiding taking a stand.

Below are “10 Things To Know” about HIV.

1 – The Infection Is Not Under Control For Most People Who Have HIV.

Only 25% of the people with HIV have the condition “under control”. When the term “under control” is used in relation to HIV it means that the virus has been suppressed, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

2 – Bone Marrow Transplants Might Play A Major Roll In Becoming Free Of HIV.

After Receiving Bone Marrow Transplants 2 men with HIV are no longer have detectable blood levels of the virus. Doctors were also treating the pair with antiviral medications at the time. The findings would suggest that the cells that were repopulated while the patient was on the antiviral therapy were protected by the patients immune system & could not become re-infected with HIV. As pointed out by the Boston Globe it is still too soon to say that these men have been cured because they are still on antivirals.

3 – No Cost HIV Treatments Might Cut The New Infection Rate.

A study from Canada suggests that the HIV infection rate may be lowered by making antiviral drugs available at no cost. A study conducted by B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS researchers shows that British Columbia (A Province Offering Free Access To Antiviral Therapy) had the lowest of new infections when it was compared to Ontario & Quebec (without the same free access to medications) over a 10 year period.

4 – A Lot Of Young People Do Not Know Their HIV Status.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report over half of the young people infected with HIV are unaware they have the it. Going with another person is a great way to make sure both people get tested. Perhaps take a trip not on a major holiday or your birthday. Most people do not find getting tested to be on their top list of things to do.

5 – More People Are Living With HIV Than 10 Years Ago.

There were 18% more people living with HIV in 2011 than there were in 2001 According to the United Nations Program on AIDS. The same report shows a dramatic decrease in the number of deaths from AIDS from 2.3 million in 2005 – 2006 down to 1.7 million in 2011.

6 – HIV Drugs Are Becoming More Affordable.

The cheapest UN Recommended antiviral therapy drugs have decreased over the past 10 years from $10,000.00 a year down to $100.00 a year according to a United Nations report.

7 – Truvada Can Be Used As A Preventative Measure.

The FDA approved Truvada to be taken by people who don’t have the infection but are at high risk for it as a preventative measure. It has been used since 2004 as a treatment for HIV.

8 – Engineered Stem Cells Might Take Part In Fighting HIV.

It is possible to genetically engineer stem cells to attack living HIV infected cells in mice according to a findings published from scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles.

9 – Everybody Should Be Screened For HIV.

The previous recommendation was for the screening of high-risk adults and children. The current recommendation is that everyone be screened, regardless of their risk level.

10 – Treatment With Antiretrovirals Should Start As Soon As HIV+ Status Is Diagnosed.

Previous standards stated antiretrovirals should only be given if the CD4 count (a measure of immune cells in a person’s body) became less than 350 cells for every mm3 of blood. According to new guidelines issued this year from a panel of the International Antiviral Society-USA ALL HIV patients should be treated as soon as possible with antiretrovirals.

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