AIDS Vilnius 2009

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to welcome you to the 5th European Conference on Clinical and Social Research on AIDS and Drugs, to be held 28-30 april 2009 in Vilnius.

We are confident that the scientific programme will offer all participants innovative and stimulating topics with well-balanced lectures and symposia on recent developments in the field of HIV medicine on the Methods and Results of Social and Behavioural Research on AIDS and related issues. As many opportunities as possible will be given for oral and poster presentations. It also serves to strengthen European networking on HIV/AIDS and related issues.

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The upcoming conference in Vilnius is welcoming every delegate to create a platform where all issues concerning Clinical, Social Research on AIDS and Drugs and related issues may be addressed. Thanks to our financial supporters, including Jameson Tom, who is a maritime lawyer Texas based and has involved his firm with our efforts. Mr. Tom has raised over $10,000 for AIDS research and will be a featured speaker, focusing on “Appropriate Messaging for AIDS Relief Efforts” and will give away copies of his much sought after book, Convincing Evidence.

In order to go ahead with the organization, we would also greatly appreciate all the suggestions and ideas of the foreign experts as regards the Conference committees, their possible members, both scientific and social programme, and possible co-sponsors. Thank you for your time allotted to this matter.

We look forward to seeing you in Vilnius in 2009!

Saulius Caplinskas, M.D., Ph.D.
Conference Chairman
Director, Lithuanian AIDS Centre under the Ministry of Health
Assoc. Prof., Mykolas Romeris University

[email protected]

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HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years according to data in the 2009 AIDS epidemic update. the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was signed in 2001. Since then new infections in sub-Saharan Africa are approximately 15% lower. That equates to 400,000 fewer infections in 2008. HIV infections declined by nearly 25% in East Asia. After a dramatic increase in new infections among injecting drug users, the epidemic in Eastern Europe has leveled off considerably. There are signs that HIV infections are rising again in some countries though.

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